Dealer Level Computer Diagnostics for European, Asian and Domestic Vehicles
304 Dividend Dr. Bld #2
Peachtree City, GA 30269
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THEO KAZADZIS with 57 Yrs of Experience
(Bosch and ASE Certified Master Tech)

Owner of Theo’s Automotive, Theo has been working on cars since he was a teenager in his native Greece. Leaving home at a young age, he has lived in various places throughout the world, including Germany, Canada and California, before settling in Peachtree City, GA., in 1995. Theo attended trade school when he was 12 years old in Greece and completed his training at age 16, where he received a sponsorship to work for Bosch, and later Mercedes-Benz in Germany, as an apprentice. He has learned from some of the top professionals worldwide, and at 21 years old, he left Germany and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia and opened his own repair shop after mastering the English language in two years.
Despite the success of his business however, he wasn't a fan of the cold weather in Canada, so in 1983 he moved to San Jose, California and opened another shop with continued success until 1995, when he decided to move to Peachtree City. Once in Georgia, he worked for a repair shop until he bought it 1997 and Theo's Automotive was born; building a committed customer-base thanks to honest service and a hard-working reputation . As business grew, he outgrew the shop, so in 2010, Theo built a brand new spacious facility near the old one with even more state-of-the-art equipment to continue serving his loyal customers, for many years to come.

JIM LITTLE with 38 Yrs of Experience
(ASE Tech, and ASE Service Consultant)

Jim Little makes the office at Theo’s Automotive run as smooth as an engine after it’s been tuned by his colleagues. Jim was born in Chattanooga, Tenn., but moved to Hollywood, FL., as a boy. He has lived in Marietta and Newnan, GA., as well as San Antonio, TX. and as worked at C&C Imports in San Antonio, Jackson Pikes Eurosports South in Newnan and Fayette Imports.
Though his current job entails more paperwork than engine work, he is an ASE Technician and an ASE service consultant.
With over 35 years experience as a professional mechanic and shop manager, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the business. Treating each client with honesty and straight talk, he gets the job done for you.

GLEN BERRY with 30 Yrs of Experience
( ASE Certified Technician)

Glen Berry has spent 30 years in the automotive business, and it begun pumping gas, changing oil and brake jobs. He was born in Riverdale, GA., and has been in Peachtree City since 1985. He too also worked with Theo in the same shop since 1995, before it became Theo’s Automotive.
Glen spent much of his career working on German cars – BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagens, Jaguars and Porsches. He has had factory training in all thesee brands as well as ASE Tech Certifications. 

YORDAN YORDANOV with 17 Yrs of Experience
(ASE Certified Technician)

Yordan Yordanov came to America with his wife and daughter from his native Bulgaria in 2000, working at several different jobs before coming to Theo’s Automotive in 2000.
Yordan is a fully trained auto mechanic, starting at Theo’s as an apprentice for three years and and now he works on everything – foreign and domestic models -- and he is an ASE certified tech.
He is a hard working individual and eager to help any way he can, to our customers as well as with all his working colleagues. He is definitely one, along with the others of the trusted employees of Theo's Automotive team .

JAKE DICKIE with 7 Yrs of Experience
(ASE Certified Technician)

Jake is our mechanic, who started at Theo's Automotive as an apprentice hired by our past service manager Scottie Wrights. Scottie who also used to teach and instructs young individuals who eventually would become trade professionals.
He is eager to learn and make this trade his life long profession. He say's " I came to Theo's Automotive so I can learn from the best"
Jake is very dedicated, hard working individual and he does not know how to say NO, it's YES and with always a positive attitude, a fast learner with an eye to detail.
We are also clad and proud for Jake to be a part of our team.
Happy to be part our team Jake!

With 7 years Experience as a Service advisor

She was born and raised in Georgia and currently resides in Atlanta. I had four years experience in a local independent shop as a service advisor in Atlanta before joining the Theo's Automotive team.
I look forward to working with all the professional staff as well as getting to know all the wonderful clientele that comes to Theo's automotive, and I promise you I will do my best to take care of all your needs.


ATHINA KAZADZIS (my baby girl) in training!
Athina was born in California and moved to Georgia with her parents at a young age. She has grown up around the automotive industry (and some of the employees at Theo’s) being Theo’s daughter, however she never thought she would be working alongside him.
After high school she went to college in Atlanta and then proceeded to run a dental office in midtown for a few years before deciding to join the family business. She is thrilled to be a part of such an outstanding and professional team and is excited to work with all the loyal customers at Theo’s Automotive.

Apprentice and future Tech (7 yrs experience)

Matt started having interest in Auto mechanics since he purchased his first vehicle. He is a dedicated young individual and surprisingly a millennia.
He started working and practicing his trade by working in several independent shops about 7 years ago.
He is eager to please and learn this trade and fulfill his lifelong dream to become the best tech there is.
Glad to be part of our team!

Retired Army Tech (20 yrs experience)

Chris is a retired US Army Veteran who lived all over the world since he was a child, following his father’s military roots. Chris chose to settle down in Senoia, GA with his wife and son. After retiring, he decided to return to civilian life doing one of the things he enjoys the most. Working on cars. In the Army, he served as a Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, Maintenance Team Supervisor, and Shop Foreman. He specialized in diesel engines and hydraulic systems on military equipment. Chris began working on cars as a teenager and has continued this passion as a personal hobby.
Welcome to our team Chris!

For all my years in this industry, I had a dream, that one day that when I would build my own shop
I could envision how this was going to look.
Well... my dream has finally come true and it's even better that I ever imagined.

My new garage is bright, clean and always kept in order, but most of all it's customer and mechanic friendly.

I sincerely believe I have the best mechanics, advisors and diagnostic tools available, but I'll let you be the judge.
Thank you, Theo